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The Jaredites

From Babylon to the Promised Land

The fascinating story of the Jaredites arrival in the promised land from Babylon during the Confusion of Tongues is told in the book of Ether, the last book in the Book of Mormon.The Lord descried the land they were led to as a land choice above all others, which all the evidence suggests was America. He said:

After the waters had receded from off the face of this land it became a choice land above all other lands, a chosen land of the Lord; wherefore the Lord would have that all men should serve him who dwell upon the face thereof;. . .(Book of Mormon | Ether 13:2)

The northern parts of the continent had just come out of the last ice age when the Jaredites first arrived, including northern New York in the lands near and around the Hill Cumorah where they settled, although the hill was was called Ramah by the Jaredites.

Because the land had been so recently  covered in great Glaciers, the region they settled was devoid of both animals and fish in many areas. Thus, it becomes evident why the Lord instructed them to bring animals, birds, fish, and even bees with them to the new world.

Unfortunately, although the Jaredites were highly favored of the Lord, they were all to often prone of  war which ultimately cost them everything, for their last war was one of complete destruction, with only one man remaining. The following video tells the story of this fascinating people, some of which were giants, from their departure from Babylon to their final war.

The Large and Mighty Jaredites

There were giants in the lands around Cumorah during the Jaredite era, not just in animal form like the local elephants and mammoths that grazed in western New York, but men as well.

A number of huge skeletons have been excavated in New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, west Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Minnesota, most of them measured seven and eight feet in height, although some reached upwards of nine feet, with a few even taller. It is in these very regions we find archaeological evidence of the residence of the ancient Jaredite civilization who the scriptures describe a “large and mighty Men.”

In Cayuga township along the Grand River, not far from Niagara Falls, two hundred skeletons of men of gigantic proportions were discovered piled one atop the other not more than five or six feet beneath the earth with a string of pearls around the neck of each one. From the Daily Telegraph (Toronto), August 23, 1871, we read:

“These skeletons are those of men of gigantic stature, some of them measuring nine feet, very few of them being less than seven, . . .and one of the skulls being examined completely covered the head of an ordinary person. These skeletons are supposed to belong to those of a race of people anterior to the Indians.”  (Benott Crevier-Ancient American $41. p.9)

The bones of a huge race of men were also found in a cave in northern New York. The giants were found in a cave by workmen, about one-hundred-fifty in number, which were eventually taken out and displayed for the entire town of Northeast. A cave nearby was said to have contained at least as many more. Such a newsworthy discovery was written up in the Daily Victoria Standard, B.C., Canada, July 7, 1885.

Evidence that the Jaredite lived in New York—the lands of the Book of Mormon, is overwhelming, with the archeological record conforming perfectly with the saga of the Jaredites long sojourn in the promised land. Many more pieces of the puzzle can be found in the book The Lost Sheep of Ancient America (CFI) -(It can be found on Amazon).

The Archaeologic of New York During Book of Mormon Times

The archaeology of the Jaredites is still one more way to illuminate the lands of the Book of Mormon, for New York presents evidence of elephants, silk, gold and other minerals, along with all the grains noted in the Book of Mormon –all of which adds strength to the premise that New York is the rightful location of Book of Mormon events, for many of these things are lacking in other settings.

The following video explains things in much more detail. Enjoy.

 New York’s Ancient Lands of the Book of Mormon

The story of the Nephite civilization filled the bulk of The Book of Mormon narrative, which then also provides the bulk of the geographical descriptions of the lands of The Book of Mormon.

DNA & the Book of Mormon

Not only do so many geographical descriptions provided in the book of Mormon fit the New York scenario, but recent DNA evidence now links many of the ancient occupants of the region to Israel, just as the Book of Mormon claims



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