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Nephite Ties to the Hopewell Mound Builders

While the cultures to the south of the Ohio River had much to do with the rise of the Ohio Hopewell sequence, considerable research has led archaeologists to believe that the greatest internal expansion of the Adena culture in Ohio came from a long-headed people living to the north of the Adena-held Ohio Valley or from other related people scattered from New York to Illinois, a people who we can equate with the merged populations of the Nephites and Mulekites.

Ties between the people in Illinois and those in New York have never been doubted. In fact, the archaeologist Don Dragoo claimed the similarities shared by the people in Illinois and those in New York were neither accidental nor the result of trade, but the result of a common physical and cultural heritage. He maintains that the pottery types shared by these widely separated cultures were so strikingly similar that he was convinced that a direct genetic relationship had to have existed. Even the basic themes noted in the burial customs among several different groups scattered from New York to Illinois were remarkably similar.

Yet the elite among the Hopewell appear to have come from foreign origins, those who crossed from northern Europe and settled along New England and inland along the broad  valleys of the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee and Kentucky, just to the south of the Ohio River.  It was these foreign tribes who instigated the mound culture of the Ohio Hopewell in 100 B.C. and used the local populations as cheap labor to build them.

Sadly, many of the Nephites and Mulekites began to embrace the pagan ways of the Ohio Hopewell populations.  Some even moved into their territory to live its elitist society more fully.  Thus, one has to wonder what the draw was which led to so many to move to Ohio? Watch the following Video about the Hopewell  and learn just what that draw was, and how it relates to the story of the Book of Mormon.   This is one video you won’t want to miss.

You can read more about this fascinating epoch in American history in The Lost Sheep of Ancient America  which explores the arrival of various tribes of Israel into Ancient America not just the Nephites and Mulekites, learn  how their interaction with the Nephites may have helped lead to their destruction.

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