Book of Mormon Lands2

Niagara’s Cemetery of Giants

There were giants in the lands around Cumorah during the Jaredite era, not just in animal form like the local elephants and mammoths that grazed in western New York, but men as well. A number of huge skeletons have been excavated in New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, west Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Minnesota, Read More

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The Limited New York Setting

What is most impressive about the western New York landscape and its similarities to Nephite territory is its size- a limited territory which stretched between Lake Erie on the west, the Genesee River on the east, Lake Ontario on the North, and Pennsylvania on the south. The scriptures themselves validate the fact that the land Read More

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DNA & The Book of Mormon

By depending solely on what little DNA evidence could be gleaned from the remains of America’s prehistoric residents, early theories over the past century had all Native American DNA falling within four haplogroups A, B, C, and D. Three of the four haplogroups, A, C and D are found primarily in Asia, with the B Read More

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