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DNA & The Book of Mormon

By depending solely on what little DNA evidence could be gleaned from the remains of America’s prehistoric residents, early theories over the past century had all Native American DNA falling within four haplogroups A, B, C, and D. Three of the four haplogroups, A, C and D are found primarily in Asia, with the B haplogroup found chiefly in southeast Asia. With no new evidence to suggest otherwise, the theory that America was peopled primarily from migrating tribes from Asia was perpetuated throughout the generations until just recently when a rare genetic DNA link called haplogroup X with ties going back to the Middle east, and thus also to Israel, was discovered among the Native Americans of northeastern North America.

Although several tribes across the country are known to carry the X haplogroup, it is found more frequently in the regions around the Great Lakes than elsewhere in North America. This area is dominated by the Algonquin speaking people and the Iroquois who extended from the western end of the Great Lakes to Maine.

Yet, interestingly, by studying the position of the X haplogroup found among Native Americans on the genetic tree, it was discovered that an early split took place at the very beginning of the expansion and spread from the Near East. It seems that one complete Native American X sequence was found among the southwestern Navajo, and the other among the tribes in Ontario who developed into the Ojibwa, the two believed to have diverged from a common point of origin after their common ancestor was already settled in America, with  their origins thought by many to be linked to the New York Iroquois, who all the evidence suggests are the literal descendants of the family of Lehi.

Further south when some of the founding tribes in southwestern New York (Lamanites) made their way along the Allegheny River into Ohio where they became known as the Cherokee, an offshoot branch of the Iroquois. While a modern Cherokee carries a mixed genetic history today after having merged with the southeastern tribes, the rare, pure-blooded Cherokee carries basically the X haplogroup through the mother’s line.

Not surprisingly, James Adair, who came to live in America before the colonies were formed and spent 33 years among the Cherokee, documenting their customs, civil policies, history, language, religion, priests, military customs,  marriage and funeral rites and their temperaments and manners, found them all to have close affinities with the customs and traits of the Hebrews. In fact, the cultural evidence of a Hebrew presence in the native North American tribes is so overwhelming that notwithstanding many of the western tribes have roots with ties to Asia, it can no longer be doubted that many Native Americans have ties which link them to the Near East as well-just as the Book of Mormon claims.


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