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In search of the Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon

Ever since the Book of Mormon first came off the press, the Saints have been wondering just where on earth the saga played out in the Book of Mormon took place. All they knew for sure was that Book of Mormon placed it someplace in a land the Lord called a land of promise, a land choice above all others, a land all Book of Mormon geographers place in America-the place of the future site of the New Jerusalem. It was initially thought the entire Western  Hemisphere should be included, with North America being the land northward, and South America being the land southward, with the narrow Isthmus between thought to be the narrow neck of land spoken of in the scriptures. But then things changed and the setting began to be pared down, for it became all to obvious that Book of Mormon geography did not entail such a large area. Continue reading In search of the Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon