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The Jaredite’s Voyage to America

For the first time the story of the story of the Jaredites journey to the new world can finally be told, and is included in the book The Lost Sheep of Ancient America. In studying the history of prehistoric America, it becomes increasingly evident that America’s pre-history is linked to that of the old world. Although information on the ancient post-flood world is minimal, it is amazing how much has been gleaned from local legends and the documents written by early Bronze Age historians who helped identify many of the families who descended from Shem, Ham, and Japheth, with the first to arrive in America after the flood of Noah’s day being the Jaredites, the first of Shem’s line to carry the patriarchal priesthood from the old to the new world.  Those who suggest the Jaredites descended from Ham could not be more wrong, for all the evidence points to their being direct descendants of Shem, he who carried the Patriarchal line on through the flood to the families of Abraham and hence to the House of Israel.

The joy the Jaredites must have felt when they finally arrived on the shores of the promised land can only be imagined, for the entire northeastern United States was a land of plenty when the Jaredites  arrived. This was truly a land choice above all others, a land the Jaredites would call home for the next millennium and a half.


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